The Manipulation of Simone (Black Bulls, Hotwives, and Cuckolds Book 1) por Lena White

December 6, 2019

The Manipulation of Simone (Black Bulls, Hotwives, and Cuckolds Book 1) por Lena White

Titulo del libro: The Manipulation of Simone (Black Bulls, Hotwives, and Cuckolds Book 1)

Autor: Lena White

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World-class power forward Travis Moore was back, fresh from finishing up his career in the European pro basketball leagues and tearing up all those French and Italian wives who wanted to know if he really was that big all over. Now that his playing career was finally over and it was time to move back to Southern California to help revive his struggling camp for leading NBA prospects, he was anxious to get on with his life. And reconnect with his old flame and hottest conquest, whom he never did get over completely. Even if she was married.~ ~ ~Simone Carver’s career as an international swimsuit model was over but certainly not forgotten. She’s using her beautiful face, stunning figure, and business savvy to build a budding media empire from scratch, all while married to her international surfing-champion husband.Then her old boyfriend Travis moved back to the US and looked her up. ~ ~ ~Three-time World Champion Lance Carver was everyone’s idea of the perfect SoCal surfer stud - blond hair, deep tan, and built to surf. He had his way with the beach bunnies for years until he met Simone, and just like that his wayward days were over. She was all he ever needed from the day he met her. Then Simone teased Lance about her old boyfriend and ignited a firestorm of unfamiliar desires and conflicting emotions that threaten to consume them all.(Excerpt)~Lance~You may think you’re a cuckold, but you’re not,” my wife whispered in my ear as she rode my second erection of the evening. “Say what?” I asked. We’ve been fucking ever since she got home from her friend-with-benefit’s place and I already reclaimed her and doused her slick, cum-drenched pussy with my own seed. Now she was getting hers, a long, slow, cowgirl ride that she loves so much. “You heard me,” she said a little louder. “You love it when I fuck Steve or Doug. There’s no humiliation in it at all for you, so you’re just a hotwife’s husband, not a true cuckold.” “Says you.” I pushed my dick up into her for emphasis. She loves sex and not just with me, obviously. I love the fact that she loves sex and I have no issues with her fucking an old fuck-buddy if she’s a mind to, as long as she comes home to me as soon as she’s filled up. Which she always does. Because even though my wife is a total slut, she’s my slut. “I just wonder if you’d feel the same if Steve had a bigger dick than you. Maybe then you’d be just a little less smug about it all.” “Smug, am I? I think I’m pretty damn accommodating, actually.” I have half a mind to flip Simone over and take her from behind, her least favorite position, just to punish her for ruining my relaxed mood. But I won’t do that. I enjoy watching my beautiful wife of five years riding my dick to her own orgasm too much to make a fuss over semantics.But her mention of bigger dicks brings me right back to her old boyfriend’s, which was, to hear her talk about it, freakishly large, black as the night, and coming back to town if the media are to be believed. “Sounds like someone is looking forward to seeing Travis again,” I said as she rocked back on my now-raging erection. “Feels like someone likes the idea of me seeing Travis again. Maybe a little size competition is just what you need to feel like a true cuckold.” “Maybe you’re just overinflating your memory of the great and mysterious Travis Moore, lover extraordinaire.” All this talk of Simone’s ex was pushing me toward another orgasm way ahead of schedule. I had to admit, she might be onto something. But I’m not going to admit anything right now.“The man is six-nine, Lance. Do you really think I’m exaggerating? Really?” She increased her tempo and accelerated her breathing as she neared her own climax. The woman can usually control her orgasms like Sting, but this one seemed to be getting away from her, just like mine. “He hurt me, Lance. He’s so big that every time he fucked me, he hurt me so good.”