101+10 New Science Games (Hindi) (Hindi Edition) por IVAR UTIAL

October 19, 2019

101+10 New Science Games (Hindi) (Hindi Edition) por IVAR UTIAL

Titulo del libro: 101+10 New Science Games (Hindi) (Hindi Edition)


Fecha de lanzamiento: December 27, 2018

Número de páginas: 132 páginas

Editor: V&S Publishers

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Supplementary science books not only interest and excite young students,but also stimulate their interest in the subject. This exciting book shows you how to have fun with 101 Science Games. There is little doubt that science experiments can be quite interesting and useful in discovering mysteries of nature.In fact,it is the science that has led man from the lantern and the bullock-cart age to Electronics and Supersonic Jet age. The book is fully illustrated with step-by-step instructions to give you hands-on experience of making simple scientific equipments like:
*Model Electric Motor
*Steam Turbine
This project-work will acquaint you practically with the basic principles of specific applications. Now, you too can prepare for your next science fair. #v&spublishers