... Unto Heaven Will I Ascend por Raquel Gilboa

July 22, 2019

... Unto Heaven Will I Ascend por Raquel Gilboa

Titulo del libro: ... Unto Heaven Will I Ascend

Autor: Raquel Gilboa

Fecha de lanzamiento: July 19, 2013

Número de páginas: 220 páginas

ISBN: 1907372490

Editor: Paul Holberton Publishing

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Raquel Gilboa continues her biography of one of the greatest of twentieth-century sculptors, Jacob Epstein, with this second volume. As in the first volume, And There was Sculpture . (some copies are still available), she discusses not only his real or outer life, using among other sources her interviews with his family, but also makes an attempt to understand his inner life. As this book shows, Epstein remained an avant-garde artist of a kind throughout his life, even if he ignored modernist dogma as well as man-in-the-street prudery. Gilboa's text reveals the man in all his genius, interpreting many works in the light of Epstein's personal circumstances.