Small Radio Control Boats por Glynn Guest

October 17, 2019

Small Radio Control Boats por Glynn Guest

Titulo del libro: Small Radio Control Boats

Autor: Glynn Guest

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 3, 1998

Número de páginas: 96 páginas

ISBN: 1854861719

Editor: Special Interest Model Books

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Over the past couple of decades radio control equipment has become more reliable, cheaper and smaller. The latter means that large models are no longer required to carry the bulky items that made up early radio control equipment, so smaller models can be built more quickly at a lower cost. It might be thought that a smaller model might not perform as well as a large one but after designing and building twenty such small models the author has not found this to be a problem. In fact, the speed and economy with which they can be built has proven to be at a great advantage in that new ideas can be tried out before being used in larger models. This book details several different models, some of which have previously appeared in Model Boats magazine, which show that a small size and simple design does not mean inferior appearance or performance. It is also possible to scale up the plans to make larger models to suit your tastes.