Jack the Ripper: The Casebook por Richard Jones

August 17, 2019

Jack the Ripper: The Casebook por Richard Jones

Titulo del libro: Jack the Ripper: The Casebook

Autor: Richard Jones

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 6, 2009

Número de páginas: 64 páginas

ISBN: 023300257X

Editor: Andre Deutsch

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Investigate one of the most compelling killers of all time! Jack the Ripper: The Casebook takes readers on a tour of Victorian London’s underworld where the slayings took place, from street corner taverns to unsavory lodging houses. One by one the murder victims are revealed, the circumstances of their killings investigated, and the suspects analyzed. What amateur sleuths will find most fascinating here are the many facsimiles of contemporary documents, including letters allegedly sent by Jack the Ripper to police and elsewhere, police reports, press articles, and personal correspondence. These facsimiles provide readers with access to all the available information so they, too, can try to unravel this century-old mystery.